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Cathodic corrosion protection - Position and elongation changes



Problem definition  / risk


The present monitoring of the pipeline distances carries out via manual measurements. Beside the complex and cost-intensive work these punctual measurements are only snapshots, which only show a completely insufficient picture of the actual condition of the pipeline.


Thus large business risks are connected:

Possibly developing damage is uncalculable in their economic amount and leads to in the today's time a serious image loss.


Control and monitoring of the pipelines are extensive official regulations subjected. For offences, also without case of loss, high fines are threatened.



Solution of Systexx


Analysis of the pipeline and determination of measurement values and –points

Installation of the sensors

Periodic automated standard measurements

Immediate notification in the event of a fault and fault analysis

Individual status reports and standard evaluations

Technical advice and support



System technology


Sensors at strategic measuring points only time-synchronised measurements

Integrated actuator functions

Multi-stage internal security system

Various transmission routes

Remote maintenance of software components real-time operating system

Modular configurable in hardware and software





Permanent monitoring of the pipeline and thus quick and effective reaction possibilities up to

Existing leakages

            Developing corrosion

            Position and elongation changes


Immediate error messages by real time system

Extensive standard reports

Individual analysis after instruction of the customer

Small single and current operating costs


Prevention of possibly developing damage in an uncalculable economic amount

Prevention of serious image losses in the today's time


Clear decrease of the present staff costs and use of equipment